"Your premier source for non-profit fundraising"

High payouts of over 50%

Easy send, email greeting cards

Easy, simple, safe and secure!

No inventory, no money to collect, no door-to-door sales (and thus safer for children)

3-step program: 1) Arrange, 2) Sell, 3) Receive the money

What your group will do:

Sell one-year unlimited email greeting card memberships for $9.95 each.

Receive from us $5 for each new paid membership.

The benefits of membership:

Help people save money!

No more buying expensive greetings cards for Birthdays, Christmas and all occasions.
No more stamps to buy.

Members can personalise and send all the cards on our site, and any new ones created in the future, to the email address of anyone they like, as many times as they wish.

Send cards instantly or choose the date for the card to be sent.

Send cards from any computer, tablet or smart cellphone.

Why you can sell this product to friends, neighbors and relatives:

The world has changed from mailing paper cards to sending email cards.

The Greeting Card Association estimates that 500 million email cards are sent every year!

Based on industry statistics over 90% of U.S. households buy greeting cards and the average family buys 30 greeting cards a year. We estimate that the average family spends over $125 a year for the cards and their postage. Join the millions who have replaced this cost with email greeting cards. Why spend over $125 when you can join and send unlimited email cards for under $10 a year?

This fundraiser is positive for someone to buy a membership:
A) other fundraisers require the purchaser to take money out of their valuable budget to buy something they would normally not buy, may not want and may not use.
B) this fundraiser allows the purchaser to buy a product they already use at a lower price, and to do good by contributing to your cause. The purchaser is not spending any new dollars, they are spending less money than they normally do, they are saving money which helps their budget, and your organization gains valuable dollars.
Your purchaser wins, their budget wins and your organization wins.
It is a win, win, win!

The personal benefits for you:

We will make you look like a hero, for introducing our product to your group and achieving a successful over-the-top fund-raising goal!

Have a successful fund-raiser, and we will give you, the head of your group and the top 3 fundraisers, each a free 1-year unlimited membership.

How it works:

1) Arrange with us the date of your fundraising campaign.

2) Promote the sale with supervised sales-tables at events, cellphone text messages, emails, online, email invitations, etc. (Memberships are paid for by safely entering a credit card or debit card on our secure website.)

3) You will be credited $5 for every new paid memberships purchased on your date.

We will send you a check for your fundraising within 10 days, and if you request when you arrange the date, with a list of your new paid members and their email addresses

Eligible non-profits:

Motherhood and apple pie
Not sure if you qualify? Email us for more information

For more information, email us at
FineGreeting at

Contact information:
Alice Taylor
Director of Fundraising
Computer Helper
PO Box 66489
Los Angeles, CA 90066-0489

310 273-7569 ext 254